Portable, immediate mode GUI in Go

cc63a3a io/router: don't send pointer.Cancel events to disappearing handlers

~eliasnaur pushed to ~eliasnaur/gio git

3 hours ago

4cba224 glfw: demonstrate custom OpenGL rendering and input event handling

21 hours ago


Immediate mode GUI programs in Go for Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, and WebAssembly (experimental). See the project page gioui.org for documentation and more information.

builds.sr.ht status


File bugs and TODOs through the issue tracker or send an email to ~eliasnaur/gio@todo.sr.ht. For general discussion, use the mailing list: ~eliasnaur/gio@lists.sr.ht.


Post discussion to the mailing list and patches to gio-patches. No Sourcehut account is required and you can post without being subscribed.

See the contribution guide for more details.

An official GitHub mirror is available.