Simple IRC web client

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A bare-bones IRC web client.



Requires an IRC WebSocket server.

First install dependencies:

npm install --production


Add a WebSocket listener to soju, e.g. listen wss://

Configure your reverse proxy to serve gamja files and proxy /socket to soju.


Setup webircgateway to serve gamja files:

enabled = true
webroot = /path/to/gamja

Then connect to webircgateway and append ?server=/webirc/websocket/ to the URL.

#Development server

Start your IRC WebSocket server, e.g. on port 8080. Then run:

npm install
npm start

This will start a development HTTP server for gamja. Connect to it and append ?server=ws://localhost:8080 to the URL.


Send patches on the mailing list, report bugs on the issue tracker.



Copyright (C) 2020 The gamja Contributors