An IRC client for mobile devices

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An IRC client for mobile devices.


  • Modern: support for many IRCv3 extensions, plus some special support for IRC bouncers.
  • Easy to use: offer a simple, straightforward interface.
  • Offline-first: users should be able to read past conversations while offline, and network disruptions should be handled transparently
  • Lightweight: go easy on resource usage to run smoothly on older phones and save battery power.
  • Cross-platform: the main target platforms are Linux and Android, iOS is also supported.

If you want to try out goguma on Android, you can use our F-Droid repository which provides nightly builds. Goguma is also available on the official F-Droid repository. Community-supported Goguma versions are available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

For more information about using Goguma, see our documentation.

Conversation list Conversation view Conversation details Conversation view, dark


#For the Linux platform

Develop with:

flutter run -d linux

Build with:

flutter build linux

The built binary is in build/linux/release/bundle/goguma.

#For the Android platform

Build with:

flutter build apk

The built APK is in build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/app-release.apk.


Send patches to the mailing list, report bugs on the issue tracker. Discuss in #emersion on Libera Chat.

If you aren't familiar with git send-email, you can use the web interface to submit patches.


AGPLv3 (see LICENSE) with an application store exception. As an additional permission under section 7, you are allowed to distribute the software through an application store, even if that store has restrictive terms and conditions that are incompatible with the AGPL, provided that the source is also available under the AGPL with or without this permission through a channel without those restrictive terms and conditions.

Copyright (C) 2021 The goguma Contributors