An IRC client for mobile devices

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An IRC client for mobile devices.


  • Modern: support for many IRCv3 extensions, plus some special support for IRC bouncers.
  • Easy to use: offer a simple, straightforward interface.
  • Offline-first: users should be able to read past conversations while offline, and network disruptions should be handled transparently
  • Lightweight: go easy on resource usage to run smoothly on older phones and save battery power.
  • Cross-platform: the main target platforms are Linux and Android.

If you want to try out goguma on Android, you can use our F-Droid repository which provides nightly builds. Alternatively, you can grab APKs directly from our CI (check out build artifacts).

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#For the Linux platform

Develop with:

flutter run -d linux

Build with:

flutter build linux

The built binary is in build/linux/release/bundle/goguma.

#For the Android platform

Build with:

flutter build apk

The built APK is in build/app/outputs/flutter-apk/app-release.apk.


Send patches to the mailing list, report bugs on the issue tracker. Discuss in #emersion on Libera Chat.

If you aren't familiar with git send-email, you can use the web interface to submit patches.



Copyright (C) 2021 The goguma Contributors