Dynamic display configuration
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kanshi allows you to define output profiles that are automatically enabled and disabled on hotplug. For instance, this can be used to turn a laptop's internal screen off when docked.

This is a Wayland equivalent for tools like autorandr. kanshi can be used on Wayland compositors supporting the wlr-output-management protocol.

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  • wayland-client
  • scdoc (optional, for man pages)
meson build
ninja -C build


mkdir -p ~/.config/kanshi && touch ~/.config/kanshi/config

#Configuration file

Each output profile is delimited by brackets. It contains several output directives (whose syntax is similar to sway-output(5)). A profile will be enabled if all of the listed outputs are connected.

profile {
	output LVDS-1 disable
	output "Some Company ASDF 4242" mode 1600x900 position 0,0

profile {
	output LVDS-1 enable scale 2


The upstream repository can be found on SourceHut. Open tickets on the SourceHut tracker. Send patches on the mailing list or open pull requests on the GitHub mirror.