A user-friendly IRC bouncer

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soju is a user-friendly IRC bouncer. soju connects to upstream IRC servers on behalf of the user to provide extra functionality. soju supports many features such as multiple users, numerous IRCv3 extensions, chat history playback and detached channels. It is well-suited for both small and large deployments.


#Building and installing


  • Go
  • BSD or GNU make
  • a C89 compiler (optional, for SQLite)
  • scdoc (optional, for man pages)

For end users, a Makefile is provided:

sudo make install

For development, you can use go run ./cmd/soju as usual.

To link with the system libsqlite3, set GOFLAGS="-tags=libsqlite3". To disable SQLite support, set GOFLAGS="-tags=nosqlite".


Send patches on the mailing list or on GitHub, report bugs on the issue tracker. Discuss in #soju on Libera Chat.



Copyright (C) 2020 The soju Contributors