The code.gouv.fr project

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#The code.gouv.fr project

The code.gouv.fr project contains the repositories for building code.gouv.fr.

You can follow the activity of these repositories on sr.ht/~etalab/code.gouv.fr/feed.


Your contributions are welcome!

For confidential feedback, use logiciels-libres@data.gouv.fr.

For bug reports, feature requests and general questions, send an email to the public mailing list ~etalab/codegouvfr-devel@lists.sr.ht.

For patches, you need to configure your local copy of the repository so that patches sent by emails are processed correctly. For example, for sending patches against code.gouv.fr, configure your copy of the repository with this:

git config format.subjectPrefix 'PATCH code.gouv.fr'


2021 DINUM, Etalab.

This repository is published under the Open License 2.0.