Collection of information for projects locked behind Discord servers

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Collection of information for projects locked behind Discord servers.

i cant wait to join your community server where im going to be immediately pinged by two helper bots, one of which is shilling NFTs in its status, whether ive read the rules or not to solve the fucking hidden object puzzle so i can see all the channels, and get immediately pinged again by 15 users click the button that says "Twilight just shat her pants! Make sure to wave and say hi as many times as possible in a 3 day span!" and also some person posting a vaguely racist meme in offtopic because you for some reason didnt set the default notification mode to only direct @, all so i can download an 8kb file from your fucking worthless piece of shit announcements channel seven messages up and then leave

Note to project owners: Stop fucking doing this, thanks.

#Adding a project

To add a project, add a new oml file to the projects folder with the following contents (replacing placeholder text with your own):

project "<name>" description="<description>" active=true

contents {

You can then fill the nodes with content appropriate for your project. As an example, you can compare projects/reaol.oml with the publicly available Re-AOL on https://eviee.gay/shame/Re-AOL

For more information about oml, visit shame-generator.

Alternatively, post to the mailing list with details and we'll add it to the list.