Nim bindings for Tilengine, a 2D graphics engine for retro-style games

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Nim bindings for Tilengine - a free, cross-platform 2D graphics engine for creating classic/retro games with tile maps, sprites and palettes.


Refer to the C docs and peek at the Nim source to get a feel for things.

These Nim bindings are close to the C bindings, with the following changes:

  • "TLN_" prefixes have been dropped, e.g. TLN_CreateBitmap  →  createBitmap
  • Procs acting on a common type have the name omitted, e.g. TLN_GetBitmapWidth  →  getWidth
  • Exceptions are used instead of success bools or nil return values.
  • Layers & sprites are distinct integer types, so you can kinda treat them like objects.
  • Tile objects have accessors (e.g. t.flipx = true) so you don't have to get your hands dirty with bitwise operations.
  • Enums with short prefixes use camelCase e.g. cwfVsync, errFileNotFound
  • Enums with long prefixes use PascalCase e.g. BlendNone, InputLeft
  • Procs have been added to avoid the need for nil. e.g. TLN_SetLayerPixelMapping(layer, NULL)  →  layer.disablePixelMapping()
  • Where a pointer refers to the first element in an array, ptr UncheckedArray[T] is used instead of ptr T

Note: these bindings do use manual memory management, so you must call map.delete() etc. to avoid leaks.


import tilengine

# Initialise the engine
let engine = init(400, 240, numLayers = 1, numSprites = 0, numAnimations = 0)

# Load a tilemap
let map = loadTilemap("assets/forest/map.tmx")

# Modify a tile
let (x, y) = (10, 12)
var tile = map.getTile(y, x)
tile.flipx = true
map.setTile(y, x, tile)

# Assign tilemap to layer
const layer = Layer(0)

# Create window and run game loop
while processWindow():

# Cleanup


You will need the following shared libraries installed on your system or placed in the same directory as your executable.

  • tilengine (build from source or buy from itch).
  • SDL2
  • libpng

Clone the repo, use nimble to install it, then try building the example!

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~exelotl/nim-tilengine
cd nim-tilengine
nimble install
cd examples
nim c -r example.nim

Any questions, just send an email to the public mailing list at ~exelotl/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. You can also send contributions, see git-send-email.io to learn how!