A Rust crate to convert bytes into human-readable values

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A Rust crate & cli to convert bytes into human-readable values.

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It can return either KB/MB/GB/TB or KiB/MiB/GiB/TiB via the bibytes feature, which enables the power of 2 unit system.

(1 KB = 1024 B, 1 KiB = 1024 B, the only thing that changes is the suffix).

It supports from 0 bytes to several yottabytes (I cannot tell how many because I have to use u128s to fit a single YB)


#As a CLI

  • (Optional) Install Just
  • Build:
    • With just: just
    • Plain cargo: cargo build --release --features 'build-binary fast' --bin hb
  • Copy target/release/hb to somewhere in your $PATH
  • Run hb <bytes> or echo <bytes> | hb

#As a library

Add to your Cargo.toml:

human_bytes = "0.3"
# Or
human_bytes = { version = "0.3", features = ["bibytes"] }

And then

use human_bytes::human_bytes;

assert_eq!(human_bytes(563_200_u32), "550 KB".to_string());
// or
assert_eq!(human_bytes(563_200_u64 as f64), "550 KB".to_string());
// ________________________________/
// |
// | Needed only when you're using `u64` values,
// | because `f64` doesn't implement `std::convert::From<u64>`

// With the `bibytes` feature enabled:
assert_eq!(human_bytes(563_200_u32), "550 KiB".to_string());

The crate is dependency-free, but if you want an +/- 15% speed improvement, there's a fast feature that uses lexical instead of std::format! in the number-to-string conversion

human_bytes = { version = "0.3", features = ["fast"] }


The code is based on a PHP function I found here.

It is useful because you don't have to provide a prefix, it does it on its own. It'll always return 1 MB instead of 1000 KB

It has some tests I wrote to check that the conversion is correct, and it returns decimals (e.g. 16.5 GB)


Check the CHANGELOG.md


BSD 2-clause (c) 2020 Namkhai B.