WebGL simulation of 3D spherical geometry written in Idris2

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Blog post: https://www.falsifian.org/blog/2022/01/17/s3d/

This is a simulation showing what it would be like if the universe were
a 3-sphere. It is the three-dimensional analogue to what a
two-dimensional person would see if their universe was the surface of a
sphere: for example, if you keep walking forward long enough, you'll
get back where you started.

It's intended to run in any browser that supports WebGL.

To run:

0. It is written in Idris2. As of 2022-01-17, you will need idris2
   installed with this change:

   You'll also need to install the idris2-dom package and its transitive
   dependencies idris2-experimental, idris2-elab-util and idris2-sop.
   Each package is available at https://github.com/stefan-hoeck/$package_name

1. Build the precompute executable:
	idris2 --build s3d_precompute.ipkg

2. Generate the S3D.Polyhedra.Precomputed module:
	build/exec/s3d_precompute > src/S3D/Polyhedra/Precomputed.idr

3. Build by running
	idris2 --cg javascript --build s3d.ipkg

4. Open Main.html in a web browser.

To run the tests:
	idris2 --build s3d_test.ipkg

The src directory is shared by all the *.ipkg files.