Hide and Seek minigame in Minetest using arena_lib

Ellis Kesterton via public-inbox

1 year, 6 months ago
1 year, 8 months ago

#Minetest Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek minigame in Minetest using arena_lib


The game is fairly simple: seekers (marked with a red skin) have to punch hiders with their stick, and hiders have to avoid getting punched. The game ends when all hiders are found, or after a timeout.


  • Each player starts with 1 point
  • Seeker(s) gain 1 point for every hider they find
    • Initial seekers always get a point even if the hider was found by someone else
    • Infected seekers only get a point for hiders they personally found
  • Hiders gain a point every time another hider gets found == hiders get increasing points depending on the order they get caught
  • Initial (not infected) seeker(s) gain 3 points if they catch every hider
  • If a hider makes it to the end, they gain 3 bonus points

#Play styles

Depending on how the arena is built, different play styles can emerge:

  • Big arena with hiding places, no nametags: hiders should try to find a good hiding place, there will be more seeking, the game will be slower-paced.
  • Small parkourish arena, nametags: hiders should keep moving, there will be more chasing, the game will be faster and dynamic.


  • Code is AGPL-3.0-or-later
  • Assets are CC-BY-SA-4.0