Minetest definitions for lua-language-server

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#Minetest definitions for lua-language-server




  1. Edit files in templates/. Write only types, not documentation strings.
  2. Regenerate library/ with ./gen.tcl. This will add documentation strings from lua_api.md.
  3. Check for errors with lua-language-server --check library.
  4. Send a patch to this mailing list or a pull request to the Codeberg mirror.

A few rules:

  • When adding a new function, class, or table definition, please specify it fully. No any.
  • Follow the order and sections from lua_api.md.
  • Everything should be namespaced, including classes and table definitions.
  • Use @nodiscard where applicable.

#Targeting a new API version

  1. Download the new lua_api.md.
  2. Check for new functions and updated signatures with git diff and apply the changes to templates. Ignore updated docs, those will be regenerated in the next step.
  3. Regenerate library with ./gen.tcl.