Minetest fetcher Nix plugin

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#Nix fetcher for Minetest ContentDB

Install and update your minetest mods with a nix flake


First, install nix and enable flakes.

Then, install nix-mt, which is just a wrapped nix with the fetcher plugin

nix profile install sourcehut:~fgaz/nix-minetest-fetcher#nix-mt

Create a project from the template

mkdir my-server-mods
cd my-server-mods
nix flake init -t sourcehut:~fgaz/nix-minetest-fetcher

Finally, build the project using the patched nix

nix-mt build

#Known issues

  • Packages whose zip contains multiple top-level items will fail to install. See nix#7083.
  • The protocol ("x-minetest-contentdb") is provisional and may change in the future if minetest#7400 is closed.


  • The ContentDB browser included in Minetest
  • minetools

Both of these are imperative and require the packages to remain on disk to track their versions, since they both use the release .conf field.


You can send patches to my public-inbox mailing list or to any of the contacts listed at fgaz.me/about. Or you can send a pull request to the Codeberg mirror.

Issues are tracked at https://todo.sr.ht/~fgaz/nix-minetest-fetcher