Error-guided nixpkgs refactor library

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#Error-guided nixpkgs refactor library

Refactor nix packages by applying a modification, then iterating a fix until all errors are gone.


See the Haddock documentation in lib/NixpkgsErrorGuidedRefactor.hs


The executables take from standard input a list of filepath:attrpath to act on, one per line. Example input:


They should be run at the root of a clean worktree, and will create a commit for every refactored package.

The tool performs a number of checks to ensure a robust migration:

  • Only actual undefined references are substituted. The tool gets the exact reference position from eval errors.
  • The tool checks that packages evaluate after the change (including meta and passthru).
  • Derivation hashes are compared to ensure they do not change.

#Included refactors