mdoc(7) versions of the documentation for the s6-portable-utils suite

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This repository provides mdoc(7) ports of the HTML documentation for the s6-portable-utils suite. The HTML version on the s6-portable-utils site is authoritative; in the event of semantic differences between an HTML original and its port, please open an issue in this repository.

To install the man pages, run make install.

The default installation directory is /usr/share/man, but this can be changed by setting the MAN_DIR environment variable prior to running make. The user running make will need to have the appropriate permissions for installation in the chosen directory.

The man pages can be uninstalled by running make uninstall.

HTML versions can be produced with mandoc(1)'s -T flag:

$ mandoc -T html man1/s6-clock.1 > s6-clock.1.html