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A place to paste and share things.


We provide a shell utility.

Installable with

$ curl -o "$HOME"/.local/bin/cvcv https://git.sr.ht/~fmac/pasticcio/blob/main/cmd/misc/sh/cvcv
$ chmod +x "$HOME"/.local/bin/cvcv



Add secrets to your Swarm.

echo -n "<your secret key>" | docker secret create pasticcio-key-base -
echo -n "postgres://postgres:postgres@db/pasticcio_dev" | docker secret create pasticcio-database-url -

Be advised if you use Compose that I'm using secrets only defined in Swarm. You have to change docker-compose.yml a bit for Compose.

#DB migrations

Automatic migrations are not implemented yet. The release build ships with migrate. Just run it to apply migrations.

For a Docker deployment you might want to run something like this:

docker exec -it pasticcio_pasticcio.1.toy9pb2ztdx3o6flnowioylv3 sh -c 'SECRET_KEY_BASE="$(cat /run/secrets/key-base)" DATABASE_URL="$(cat /run/secrets/database-url)" ./bin/migrate'