Unofficial client for gmcmap.com

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#GMC Map


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This is a Cordova-based unofficial client for retrieving and viewing data from the distributed ambient radioactivity monitoring service hosted at https://gmcmap.com/ by GQ Electronics LLC.


I'm a happy GQ Electronics costumer who owns a couple of dosimeters and I really like looking at measurements people are sharing from around the world.
What I hate about the official website is that:

  • the UI is not so great
  • it is not as quick as an app to check out
  • it embeds Google Maps

So I decided to make my own client.


This client uses Leaflet and OpenStreetMap, which according to me are hands down better choices than Google Maps.

#Build the app yourself

  1. Clone the repo
  2. cd cordova-gmcmap
  3. mkdir www
  4. npm i
  5. cordova platform add android
  6. npm run build

Then npm run run to deploy to default target