Trials and experiments in 9

~fultonbrowne/g9srv git

Gemini server for plan9

~fultonbrowne/ninebox git

glenda in a box

~fultonbrowne/forth9 git

Forth compiler for plan9

~fultonbrowne/moment git

An arvelie date parser in plan9 c

~fultonbrowne/werc-site git

My personal werc site

~fultonbrowne/pam git

photo editing sam

~fultonbrowne/privategrid git

A private grid service set for plan9

~fultonbrowne/start9front git

Qemu script for starting 9front

~fultonbrowne/namespace-example git

A simple example of a local namespace in plan9

~fultonbrowne/libdraw git

fun with libdraw

~fultonbrowne/rc-scripts git

Scripts for plan9