Yet another shell script which picks the right command to extract an archive

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Helps you extract archives and list their contents.

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It's supposed to be a helpful and also educational tool. Suggests the simplest command for the appropriate archive format, while also being non-destructive by default (does not overwrite existing files, does not delete the archive after extraction, etc).


Supported archive and compression formats:

File extenstion Tool Notes
.tar, .tar.*, .tgz, .tbz, .txz, .tlz, .tzo tar
.zip unzip
.rar unrar
.7z 7z
.arj unarj Very limited support
.bz2, .bz bzip2 (bunzip2, bzcat) Single-file
.cpio cpio
.deb dpkg-deb Limited support
.gz gzip (gunzip2, zcat) Single-file
.lha lha or lhasa Limited support
.lrz lrzip (lrunzip, lrzcat) Single-file
.lz lzip Single-file
.lz4 lz4 (unlz4) Single-file
.lzma xz (unlzma, lzcat) Single-file
.lzo lzop Limited support
.xz xz (unxz, xzcat) Single-file
.zst zstd (unzstd) Single-file
.Z uncompress Single-file
Everything else 7z N/A
  • "Single-file" refers to compression tools which don't support archival (only work on single files). The list command is useless in these cases.