Command to simulate input anywhere (X11, Wayland, TTYs)

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dotool reads actions from stdin and simulates keyboard/mouse input using Linux's uinput module. It works systemwide and supports keyboard layouts.

#Install From Packages

Packages of dotool are available on:

and potentially other platforms.

#Install From Source

With go, libxkbcommon-dev and scdoc installed, run:

./build.sh && sudo ./build.sh install

And to trigger the udev rule, run:

sudo udevadm control --reload && sudo udevadm trigger


See the manpage.

#Numen and Contact

dotool was written for Numen, which has a chat on Matrix you're welcome to join.

You can also send questions or patches by composing an email to ~geb/numen@lists.sr.ht.

#Support My Work 👀

Thank you!


GPLv3 only, see LICENSE.

Copyright (c) 2022-2023 John Gebbie