A face tracking utility, often for playing games

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Noggin is a command-line utility for realtime face and expression tracking. My use is playing and developing games handsfree, using it with voice control (video).

#Install From Source

You'll need Go, OpenCV (4.7.0) and ONNX Runtime.


sudo ./install.sh


See the manpage and examples.

#Mailing List and Matrix Chat

You can send questions or patches by composing an email to ~geb/numen@lists.sr.ht.

You're also welcome to join the Numen (and Noggin) Matrix chat at #numen:matrix.org.


Noggin uses models from OpenSeeFace, so many thanks go to Emiliana!

#Support My Work 👀

Thank you!


AGPLv3 only, see LICENSE.

Copyright (c) 2023 John Gebbie