Offline sunrise and sunset CLI and library

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An offline CLI and library for calculating today's sunrise and sunset times.

Inspired by the functionality in wlsunset and reimplemented in Go.


Requires Go.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~gjabell/dawn2dusk && cd dawn2dusk
go install ./...


$ dawn2dusk -h
Usage of dawn2dusk:
  -L float
    	Longitude in degrees; must be between -180° and 180° (default -200)
  -l float
    	Latitude in degrees; must be between 0° and 90° (default -1)
  -t string
    	Timezone used for formatting times (default "Local")


$ dawn2dusk -l 52.5 -L 13.4  # sunrise and sunset in Berlin
SUNRISE: 07:44
SUNSET: 17:56