Notification daemon for Miniflux

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Send notifications to various sources when Miniflux finds new RSS entries.

Currently supported sources include Email, Gotify, and Webhooks.



mfn interfaces with an existing Miniflux server. Please see the Miniflux docs for more information.


  1. Create a TOML configuration file as specified in man 5 mfn-config. (Note that only one notifier is required.)

  2. Ensure mfn can successfully send a notification: mfn -t [notifier] -c [path to config] (to view available notifiers, run mfn -c [path to config] -l)

  3. Run mfn once to sync the last entry (no notifications will be sent during the initial population): mfn -c [path to config]

  4. Periodically run mfn (for example, as a cron job) to send notifications when new entries are picked up by Miniflux: mfn -c [path to config]


mfn uses the official Miniflux Golang client to query Miniflux for new entries. On the first run, mfn will determine the id of the most recent entry and store it in a plaintext file. On subsequent runs, mfn will only request entries posted after the latest entry, updating the latest entry id on each run. Each entry requested after the initial sync will trigger notifications based on the notifications in the config file.