Reviving the Google Glass.

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Contact: admin+glass@fjall.net

GlassKit is a modern revival of the original Google Glass Explorer Edition. This is accomplished by providing up-to-date information on how to revive your Glass with XE24, how to restore some of the original functionality, and how to build Glassware yourself!

To see an index of all the pages on this site, visit the sitemap. If you're looking for a specific page from the Google Developers wiki, replace developers.google.com with glass.fjall.net/archive.


The Google Glass has been killed twice as of 2023. This is a shame, as I (and many others) believe that the Google Glass is an important tool and a piece of tech history. Therefore, it should be maintained. The repositories are either archived repositories from the original Google Glass GitHub page or are repositories made by the GlassKit team for public use. The website, https://glass.fjall.net, is an archive of the GDK guides as well as instructions on how to revive your Glass and add these projects to it. Above all, this project is an archive for the sake of preserving vital instructions for making Glassware and operating your Glass.


All code in the GlassKit project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, just as the original code was. The website is covered under the Creative Commons BY 4.0 license, as Google requests. This project is simply an archive so that future Glass owners can have a starting point. If you are from Google and would like these taken down, please email me: mail@jordanreger.com. I do not intend to infringe on Google’s property, and will act accordingly.


GlassKit is a free and open source project. The current home for GlassKit code is https://sr.ht/~glass.