FCC exam practice tool in pure Python.

200f3e9 Update copyright year

8 months ago

200f3e9 Update copyright year

8 months ago


A practice tool for United States amateur radio exams.

More to the point, it's the result of watching Raymond Hettinger's "Beyond PEP 8" and David Beazley's "The Fun of Reinvention", prompting a raid of the medicine cabinet and consequently a self-imposed dare to use Python's expressive power to the fullest, with two constraints:

  1. No external libraries.
  2. One (executable) file.

I admit I chose them to reduce setup effort to zero.


$ ./47cfr97 [ -t | -g | -e ]

Requires Python 3.10 or later.


Questions that refer to electrical diagrams aren't presented. This eliminates:

  • 12/410 Technician questions,
  • 5/452 General questions, and
  • 29/619 Extra questions.