Pomodoro timer in ~200 lines of Bash.

5a76307 1.1.0

3 months ago

5a76307 1.1.0

4 months ago


Pomodoro timer, written for bash and zsh.


$ ./pomodoro -h
pomodoro [-bCfhv] [-w <min>] [-s <min>] [-l <min>] [-c <cycles>]

With no options, the timer is started with the default values.

-w Length (in minutes) of work phase.        Default 25.
-s "                    " short break.       Default 5.
-l "                    " long break.        Default 15.
-c Number of work shifts before long break.  Default 4.

-b Suppress terminal bell ring at each phase.
-C Suppress color output.
-f Run forever, or until interrupted (Ctrl-C).
-h Show this message.
-v Show version.