Console-focused display manager

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#Rad Display Manager

radm (Rad Display Manager) is a console-based display manager. Currently, it only supports Wayland sessions.

Void 5.15.34_1 (laptop) (tty7)

|||   |   |  |||
|    ||  ||  |||
|   ||| |||  | |

laptop login: ag

 1. Hikari          Stacking compositor with tiling capabilities
 2. Sway            An i3-compatible Wayland compositor
Desktop choice [2]:


sudo make install-all  # binary, manual, runit, rsyslog

# or any combination of:
sudo make install
sudo make install-manual
sudo make install-runit
sudo make install-rsyslog


radm should, in most cases, work with no configuration. For those other cases:

❯ radm -h
radm <version>
Antonio Gurgel <antonio@goorzhel.com>
A console-based display manager.

    radm [OPTIONS]

    -a, --autologin-group <GROUP_NAME>
            Omit password authentication for users in this group

    -d, --dbus
            Use `dbus-run-session` to start the desktop

    -f, --focus-on-start <TTY>
            Focus the given TTY when radm starts

    -h, --help
            Print help information

    -l, --log-file <PATH>
            Log to this path instead of syslog

    -s, --session-dirs <DIR>
            Include this directory when searching for sessions (can be used more than once)

    -v, --verbose
            Enable DEBUG-level logging (twice for TRACE)

    -V, --version
            Print version information

#Prior art



The pam crate requires these to be installed:

  • clang
  • pam-devel