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#SOTA Slack Spotter

A Slack bot that notifies you when a member of your workspace has been spotted on Summits on the Air. It does this by scraping callsigns from the list of Slack users, fetching spot data from the SOTA API, and messaging a channel whenever a member's callsign appears in a spot.

An example on Slack, with a message reading "N6TNO spotted at W6/CC-063" and thread-replies such as "on 7.0375 MHz (CW) at 17:54:02Z by RBNHOLE ('RBNHOLE at W6YX 14 WPM 25 dB SNR')" (this earned a muscle-emoji reaction from a clubmate).



  • SLACK_BOT_TOKEN: Begins with xoxb.
  • SLACK_CHANNEL: The channel where the bot will post spots.


REGION=sjc # lhr, yyz, ...

flyctl secrets set SLACK_BOT_TOKEN=<...>
flyctl secrets set SLACK_CHANNEL=<...>
flyctl secrets set CACHE_DIR=/cache

flyctl volumes create -r $REGION cache
flyctl deploy


cat > .env <<EOF
docker build -t sota-slack-spotter:latest .
docker run -d --env-file=.env sota-slack-spotter