Generate tags for Zig source files

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aa10409 Version 1.0.1

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Generate tags files for Zig projects.

Unlike ctags, this does not use regular expressions, but instead analyzes the abstract syntax tree of the source code.


Clone this repository and build with zig build (Only Zig 0.13 is supported). This will produce a Debug build by default, which generates useful error messages but can be a bit slow. To build a release build use

$ zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseSafe

To build the man page (requires scdoc), run

$ zig build docs

This will install the man page to share/man/man1/ztags.1 relative to the prefix given with -p/--prefix (default zig-out).

To build and install both ztags and the man page to $PREFIX simultaneously, use

$ zig build -Doptimize=ReleaseSafe -p $PREFIX install docs


Pass a source file to the ztags executable. ztags will find @import statements for relative files (i.e. any imports that end with .zig) and recursively index those files too.

Packages (imports that are not a relative path, but a package name such as @import("foo")) are not followed, as package information is not available at runtime. Instead, pass the root source file of each package as an additional command line argument.

For example, the entire Zig standard library can be indexed using:

$ ztags /path/to/zig/std/std.zig

The following "kinds" are supported:

  • enum
  • field
  • struct
  • constant
  • function
  • variable
  • union


Have a question, comment, or feature request? Send an email to the mailing list.

Report bugs on the ticket tracker. You can file a ticket without a sourcehut account by sending a plain text email to ~gpanders/ztags@todo.sr.ht.

Send patches to ~gpanders/ztags@lists.sr.ht or open a pull request on GitHub or Codeberg.