Trains Mod for Minetest

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#ADVTRAINS – realistic trains in Minetest!

by orwell96 and contributors (see below)

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For up-to-date information, visit https://advtrains.de/

License of code: GNU AGPL version 3 License of media: CC-BY-SA 3.0

(up to commit 1bb1d8 (2020-02-14), the license has been LGPL 2.1)


To use advtrains, you need to install a mod providing trains. Note that advtrains no longer comes bundled with any trains out of the box. Some selected train mods by the authors of advtrains are:

  • Basic trains by orwell96, mbblp et al. The classic selection of trains for advtrains, formerly included in the mod.
  • Moretrains by rbduck, with improvements by gpcf and Marnack.
  • dlxtrains by Marnack

Further information is available on the wiki.

#How to contribute



Various features and bugfixes have been contributed by:

  • gpcf
  • Blockhead
  • ywang

Small code contributions:

  • hlqkj
  • Maverick2797
  • AntumDeluge
  • lemon-melon
  • mbblp
  • Andrey K
  • Hume2
  • Linus Jahn
  • Pedro Gimeno
  • Relatio
  • Thomas Rudin
  • h-v-smacker
  • imcasper
  • rubenwardy
  • techniX


  • Gravel Texture : from Minetest Game
  • Initial rail model/texture : DS-minetest
  • Models for signals/bumpers : mbb
  • Steam engine / wagon texture: mbb
  • Detailed Steam engine : mbb / Krokoschlange(animation)
  • Industrial engine/wagons : mbb
  • Inventory images : mbb
  • Node texture for LuaATC controller: Jeija (from Mesecons)
  • Mod Description : hajo
  • 45 degree platforms design : Och_Noe


  • gpcf (Linuxforks server)
  • imcasper (tss Branch)
  • Cato (C&C Servers)

If I forgot someone please punish me for that. Also see the Git commit log.

You can see this mod in action on various minetest servers, including the Linuxforks minetest server.