Maintained port of openbsd's acme-client

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Portable version of OpenBSD's acme-client.

This repository takes acme-client from OpenBSD's source tree and patches it to
be useable on other UNIXes as well. It is important to mention that portability
is the only goal of this project. Meaning that any features must go via
OpenBSD's source tree.


Source tarballs can be downloaded from https://data.wolfsden.cz/sources/.
Unless stated otherwise, documentation assumes that you are building from the
tarballs and not from git.

Assuming you are on a typical linux system with openssl installed, you should
be fine with typical incantation:

	$ ./configure
	$ make
	$ make install

For more details on the required dependencies and other build options, please
see INSTALL file.


For running the tests, you need to have pebble[0] in the PATH. After that just
run check target in the generated makefile.

[0]: https://github.com/letsencrypt/pebble


Original OpenBSD's source code is under the same license as it was. My changes
(the portable bits) are under GPL-2.0-only. That makes the final program
licensed under GPL-2.0-only.