Seamless integration between Darkman and Emacs using the D-Bus protocol

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This package provides seamless integration between Darkman and Emacs using the D-Bus protocol.

Documentation is available in HTML, PDF and Info.


If you wish to contribute a patch, inquire about something or share your feedback, you are welcome to send an email to ~grtcdr/pub@lists.sr.ht. If you encounter issues of any kind, please file them in the project's ticket tracker.


This package is available from MELPA provided you've added that to the list of package archives to fetch from, install it by evaluating the following:

(package-install 'darkman)

For a manual installation, begin by cloning the repository:

git clone --branch 1.0.3 https://github.com/grtcdr/darkman.el darkman

Next, add the package to your load path:

(add-to-list 'load-path "darkman")

Finally, require the package like so:

(require 'darkman)


Want to contribute to the package? Pick something from the to-do list.

  • Agustín Cisneros
  • Aleksei Fedotov
  • Chris Rayner
  • Jonas Bernoulli
  • Nicolas Vollmer


If your research involves this project in any way, you may cite it like so:

  author = {Benali, T. A.},
   title = {{Darkman for Emacs}},
     url = {https://darkman.grtcdr.tn/},
 version = {1.1.0},
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