Dotfiles for a minimal Arch Linux environment.

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#Table of Contents


This repository contains my configuration files, along with documentation that highlights the design and functionality of my personal computing environment.

If you notice any issues, or have any inquiries, please send them via mail to tahaaziz.benali@esprit.tn.

#Getting started

To keep everything central, and abide by the rules of stow, we must place our source directory somewhere underneath $HOME.

Okay, let's do that.

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~grtcdr/dotfiles ~/.dotfiles

Top-level directories such as sway, emacs and others are referred to by stow as packages.

Stowing a package will apply the appropriate symlink(s) between the source i.e. ~/.dotfiles and target tree i.e. primarily ~/.config.

To install the sway package, run the following:

cd ~/.dotfiles
stow sway

~/.config/sway should now be symlinked to ~/.dotfiles/sway/.config/sway.

If you're intending to build on top of my configuration, you may modify either path, your change will be reflected no matter what.

For more information, see the excellent GNU Stow manual.


Non-configuration packages are denoted with a leading plus sign, these cannot and should not be stowed, as they do not configure any particular package.




A concoction of subtlety and elegance, making use of the bare minimum of software so as to achieve a coherent desktop environment without one being present. §article


A set of sway colorschemes. §article


A tiny swaylock configuration. §article


A simple mako configuration. §article


A straightforward zsh configuration. §article



A tiny script that intelligently starts sway. §article


A tiny script to automate the starting and stopping of mpd and ncmpcpp. §article