Simple dotfiles manager

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POSIX sh compliant git wrapper to manage dotfiles in a bare git repository.

This was made as a personal, simpler, drop-in replacement for yadm, thus, repositories managed by yadm should just work.


Since dtfl is just a single script, you can just curl it to your $PATH

curl -L https://dtfl.gsthnz.com > $HOME/bin/dtfl

Or, if you don't want use my alias, use the sr.ht url directly:

curl https://git.sr.ht/~gsthnz/dtfl/blob/master/dtfl > $HOME/bin/dtfl

You can also clone and link the dtfl from the cloned repo to your $PATH

ln -s $DTFL_REPO/dtfl > $HOME/bin/dtfl


To initialize a new repository:

dtfl init

Or, to clone an existing dtfl or yadm repository:

dtfl clone <url>

After initializing/cloning your dtfl repository, you can use dtfl as a git alias.

For example:

dtfl add <file>

dtfl commit -m "Add <file>"

dtfl push


Patches and questions? Send to my public inbox: ~gsthnz/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht. Thanks!