A configuration to use mpv as an image viewer

ba08edb nvidia proprietary drivers support transparency

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72cc5ee use file-local-options

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This is an example configuration for using mpv as an image viewer.


  • mpv is feature rich and far more extensible than any image viewer. You can easily add original keybindings, set up conditional profiles and do pretty much anything with Lua scripts
  • Zoomed images with a good scaling filter look better than in image viewers (or at least the ones I previously used)
  • You can use quit-watch-later with directories of images
  • You can browse directories with both videos and images in one application
  • It supports Wayland unlike sxiv or feh
  • Background transparency on X11 with Nvidia proprietary drivers and on Wayland

#How can I display thumbnails of images?

Use https://github.com/occivink/mpv-gallery-view

#Why not use occivink/mpv-image-viewer?

I wanted large images only to start from the top right corner and a "fill to width" keybinding.