Filesystem and git-based wiki engine written in Go that uses Mycomarkup for authoring pages.

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#🍄 Mycorrhiza Wiki

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Mycorrhiza Wiki is a filesystem-backed wiki engine that uses Git for keeping history.

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  • No database required. Everything is stored as simple files. It makes installation super easy, and you can modify the content with other means such as direct file editing.
  • Everything is hyphae. A hypha is a unit of content such as a picture, video or a text article. Hyphae can transclude and link each other resulting in a tight network of hypertext pages.
  • Hyphae are authored in Mycomarkup, a custom markup language that's designed to be unambigious and easy to use.
  • Nesting of hyphae is supported. A tree of related hyphae is shown on every page.
  • History of changes for textual parts of hyphae. Every change is safely stored in Git. Web feeds for recent changes included!
  • Keyboard-driven navigation. Press ? to see the list of shortcuts.
  • Support for authorization.
  • Opengraph support.


See the deployment guide on the wiki.


Help is always welcome! We have an IRC channel #mycorrhiza on irc.libera.chat and a Telegram chat for discussions and development. You can also sponsor the maintainer of Mycorrhiza, @bouncepaw, on Boosty. If you want to contribute with code, you can either open a pull request on GitHub or send a patch to the mailing list. Feel free to open an issue on GitHub or contact us directly.

You can view the list of planned features on our GitHub project kanban board.