An elegant configuration language for humans

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#Mocha license build

An elegant, simple human and machine readable configuration language.


The language and format specification can be found in the docs folder, here.

#Running Tests

To run the library tests you'll need to install Zig first, afterwords, you can test the library by doing the following:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~hanna/mocha
cd mocha && zig build test


Mocha is based on YAML, JSON, and a tiny bit of Nix, it aims to be readable for both humans and machines, while also only providing the minimal amount of features to prevent edge cases all while keeping a small footprint.

hello: {
  id: 1024
  admin: true
  # this is an example comment
  inventory: ['apple' 'cake' 'sword']
  metadata: {
    heck: false

There is more examples of the format in the examples folder.