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#~hedy's site

This is my website and gemini capsule source code. Link is currently hedy.tilde.cafe on both web and gemini.


It has a blog and a few pages. The blog has mostly the same post for web/gemini and the web version has an RSS feed and the gemini version has an atom feed. I also have tags, last-update, and changelog link for each post. As to comments it's currently via email, though I plan to setup CGI-based like/comment system for gemini. Webmentions are planned too, I have linked the pingback etc links in the <head> but I don't have them setup and working yet. I also want to make this a lightweight CGI-based solution.

That's about it! Nothing fancy. The CSS is pretty minimal, but not brutalist design. It has a few custom colors, a sans-serif font stack, and some styling in the footer and nav. Everything else is partially based on top of simple css and sometimes seirdy's site.


  • [ ] let gemini version also have a post page at /posts/index.gmi
  • [ ] post-index.md and gmi for content put after the posts list
  • [ ] rethink on the post slugs. currently /posts/file-name-or-slug/ but I might put the date or something in there idk