GUIX packages and patches which are intended to be sent to guix-patches@gnu.org

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#    -*- mode: org -*-
#+title: Guix channel
/FFAB :: Flock Full of Aleatory Burden/

This repository contains patches contributed to <guix-patches@gnu.org> and
packaging progress. It also can be used as stand alone Guix channel.

Layout follows Guix upstream

#+BEGIN_SRC sh :results value org :results output replace :exports results
tree ffab
echo Total packages: $(guix package -L . -A | grep -c ffab)
guix package -L . -A | grep -c ffab

#+begin_src org

* Examples
All examples are based on assumptions that ~guix~ is the main system or available
as package manager.

** Use as channel
#+begin_src scheme
(cons* (channel
        (name 'ffab)
        (url "https://github.com/Hellseher/guix-channel"))

** Use as build/install source
~$ git clone https://github.com/Hellseher/guix-channel
~$ guix build -L ./guix-channel pgloader

* References
** Guix channels
- https://github.com/flatwhatson/guix-channel
- https://gitlab.com/nonguix/nonguix
- https://gitlab.com/guix-gaming-channels
- https://github.com/guix-science/guix-science
- https://github.com/guix-science/guix-science-nonfree
** Guix cluttered packages
- https://github.com/UMCUGenetics/guix-additions
- https://github.com/ryanprior/guix-packages
- https://github.com/BIMSBbioinfo/guix-bimsb