tying CS:GO to buttplug.io

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#Crotch-Stim: Get Off

what if CS:GO was horny?

an experiment, gluing CS:GO to https://buttplug.io and seeing what happens.

#important ethical disclaimer

this software is intended for risk-aware, consensual sexual enjoyment by all. CS:GO is a game with matchmaking that can put you in matches with whoever the hell. don't use this in matchmaking or generic community servers. use it in botmatches, or on servers set up for the purpose of horny and populated by adults who know what they're getting into.


  1. download Crotch-Stim: Get Off
    • for windows: download the .exe from the left side of this page, save it somewhere you can get back to easily
    • for anything else: clone this repository, grab a recent version of Rust, cargo build --release, move target/release/crotch-stim-get-off somewhere you can get back to easily
  2. run Crotch-Stim: Get Off. it'll create default config and script files in the same folder you put the program itself into and give you a chance to edit them before it starts running. i have not been able to test it for use cases that aren't my own extremely not-ideal setup, so a lot of things might be fragile. good luck.
  3. play CS:GO and have fun things happen.


# you can put this in to connect to an Intiface Desktop server,
# or leave it out to use the embedded server (the default)
buttplug_server_url = 'ws://'

# the port number to use for the CS:GO integration server.
# can be anything that isn't already in use on your computer
csgo_integration_port = 42069


there's a lot that CS:GO gives you. and i'm bad at user interface design. so you can control how everything interacts via a script that handles updates.

the default script looks like this:

fn handle_update(update) {
    if update.player != () {
        for weapon in values(update.player.weapons) {
            let state = weapon.state.to_string();
            if state in ["Active", "Reloading"] {
                let current = weapon.ammo_clip;
                let max = weapon.ammo_clip_max;
                if current != () {
                    let frac_remaining = current.to_float() / max.to_float();
                    vibrate(1.0 - frac_remaining);

this is a script in the Rhai programming language. it looks through the player's weapons, finds the one that they're holding, checks to see how much ammo is left in the clip (or magazine, i don't know guns, that's CS:GO's term not mine do not @ me), and vibrates based on how much of the clip is gone. you can write your own and put it in the crotch-stim-get-off.rhai file, or send one you wrote to your friends. i might start putting together examples at some point so if you write something you like email me@cactus.sexy and i'll think about it.

your script needs to define a function called handle_update. it'll be called with an Update object whenever CS:GO sends some new data. all those optional values are translated into Rhai as either the value itself if it exists or the unit () if there's no value. that's why the example script checks if things are equal to (). all the enums defined by csgo-gsi can be .to_string()ed and tested against string values, like the default script does for WeaponState. all the maps get translated into Rhai maps; several of those should probably just be arrays in the first place, so go poke the csgo-gsi author about that if you need reasonable access to that data.

currently, because i am extraordinarily lazy, there is only one way to interact with your sex toy itself. the vibrate function is available for your script to call, and if you pass in a float between 0 and 1 it will send that as a basic vibrate command to every device that it can find. if you want support for multi-parameter vibration, device-specific commands, or other types of commands, poke me and i'll take a look.

i don't trust any of this to make sense to literally any person ever besides me, so reach out to me by twitter DMs (@horny_cactus) or by email (me@cactus.sexy) if something's confusing.


this software is released under the Fuck Around and Find Out License version 0.2. the csgo-gsi library that this uses is released under the Anti-Capitalist Software License version 1.4.


v0.1.0 - 2020-09-23

  • write the damn thing