Mastodon text-base user interface

Lexi Winter via toot-discuss

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tooi is a text-based user interfaces for Mastodon, Pleroma and friends. The name is a portmantou of toot and TUI.

It uses the Textual framework.

This project is in its early days and not feature complete.

#Setting up a dev environment

Check out tooi and install in a virtual environment:

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~ihabunek/tooi
cd toot
python3 -m venv _env
source _env/bin/activate
pip install --editable ".[dev]"

Run the app by invoking tooi.

To use the Textual console, run it in a separate terminal window:

textual console

Then run tooi like this:

textual run --dev tooi.cli:main

#Code style and linting

Rule of thumb: look at existing code, try to keep it similar in style.

Please run make lint to check formatting before sending a patch. This runs flake8 which checks for some basic code style rules. It shouldn't be too aggressive, and if you're bothered by a rule, let me know.

Lines can be upto 100 characters wide, wrap them if they go over that.

#Wrapping style

Wrapping style is not enforced by the linter, but this is the preferred style most of the time:

# NO: Do not wrap after opening paren


# YES: Align arguments on next tab


#Type checking

You're encouraged to specify types in your code. While they can be a bit of a pain in Python, I have found them to be useful in locating errors and eliminating potential bugs.

This project is configured to use pyright for type checking, and I recommend that you install the pyright language server if it's available for your editor. Currently it returns errors in some places, some of which are caused by the way textual is implemented. So it's not required to have zero errors before submitting patches, but it will indicate problems in new code.