Validation tool for OSM, currently working on public transport relations in Zagreb, Croatia

726b46e Separate route and route_master mappings

a day ago

7bd0f8d Update/fix prerequisites

a day ago

425f20a Upgrade elixir and erlang

a day ago

157efdd Separate route and route_master mappings

3 days ago

a28cbc6 Add helper for parsing HTTP dates

5 days ago

5863119 Add route mappings

6 days ago

4443d6c Fix hierarchy edge case

6 days ago

9be61d3 Fix double slash in osm_link

6 days ago

b699285 wip

7 days ago

c55c5c7 Expand osm list functions

12 days ago

fa7f662 wip

14 days ago

a762ad5 wip

17 days ago

9a217de foo

24 days ago

ac98048 wip

25 days ago

23cf2d7 Fix types

29 days ago
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