Rust audio player daemon

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Rust audio player daemon


RAPD is a simple music player daemon, it runs in the background as an user process, and accepts TCP connections via its tcp server. Clients can control its built in audio player, query the JSON music database, and create playlists. RAPD can do this with very little resources, since it does not have a heavy bloated GUI to keep updated while its running. This also means that all you don't need a client open to play the music, simply open a client, select the music to play, and close it until you need it again.


You can read the WIP manual

#Changes in version 2.0

  • Better code readability
  • No need to make multiple connections to perform diffrent tasks, the server can keep the connection open after a response
  • No on-disk statefile, which removes the chance of state errors, this also allows the player to pause/stop/begin the audio faster
  • Better request/response format
  • No use of rodio, symphonia is used for audio decoding instead
  • Get place in song
  • Better metadata support
  • Built in notifications
  • Configure during runtime, or with startup script that uses rapc
  • Better rapc code readability
  • More verbose rapc command line interface
  • Better music database
  • Playlists