A story engine for interactive fiction and other games.

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Tapestry provides a way to build and test game stories independent from a graphics engine.

You can find the full documentation at https://tapestry.ionous.net/, and the Go language api on pkg.go.dev.

The project and its source code are hosted at sourcehut: https://sr.ht/~ionous/Tapestry/



Tapestry is open source, and all original source code is provided under a BSD-3 license.

Go and its libraries use their own BSD-style license. All existing third party Go language dependencies use their own MIT licenses. Tapestry uses SQLite for data storage, and SQLite is public domain. Tapestry's "Mosaic" editor and web console use Blockly and Vue.js which are licensed under the Apache 2.0 and MIT licenses respectively. Development of the editor and web console require Node.js and a variety of modules each of which use their own (open source) licenses. Godot is used for demonstrating 3D party engine integration. It uses an MIT license.

#Code of Conduct

Black lives matter, and queer and trans lives matter. In that spirit, if you are interested in using Tapestry or contributing to the project, please refer to the code of conduct.

Contributor Covenant