uacme hook for deSEC.io

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Get the thing:

  1. Find a release
  2. Download a .tar.gz of the release
  3. Extract it somewhere

You could also just use git clone.

After getting the thing:

  1. chmod 0600 ./desec_token (create file beforehand if necessary)
  2. Fill in the ./desec_token file with a token
  3. Hook it up by adding --hook <path-to-script> to your uacme command



deSEC.io provides DNS nameservers. uacme is an ACME client.

uacme supports DNS based challenges to get certificates.

This repository contains a script based off of nsupdate.sh that will update DNS records through the deSEC.io APIs.

Why? Because I use deSEC.io as my DNS nameservers.

#Questions? Bugs? Other things?


GPL-3.0-or-later (same as nsupdate.sh)