open hardware portable music player

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Tangara is a portable music player. It outputs high-quality sound through a 3.5-mm headphone jack, lasts a full day on a charge, and includes a processor that’s powerful enough to support any audio format you can throw at it. It’s also 100% open hardware running open-source software, which makes it easy to customize, repair, and upgrade. Tangara plays what you want to hear, however you want to hear it.

We're currently trying to scrape together a crowdfunding campaign! Please check us out on Crowd Supply!

#Source Repositories

tangara-fw: The ESP32 firmware, comprising the bulk of Tangara's functionality. This is probably the repo that you're most interested in!

tangara-hw: Sources for the entire physical device. Includes both the case/enclosure, and the PCBs.

tangara-samd-fw: Firmware for the SAMD21 co-processor that manages USB connectivity, charging, and power management of the ESP32.


The firmware repositories for Tangara are mirrored on both sourcehut and Codeberg. Contributions on either platform are welcome; feel free to use whichever contribution workflow you prefer. If you are a git-send-email nerd, then the list to use is ~jacqueline/tangara-devel@lists.sr.ht.

For issue tracking, refer to the 'issues' tab of the relevant repo on Codeberg.

#Thanks, Aisler!

Aisler have very generously sponsored our (final?) round of pre-production prototype boards. We've gotten all of our prototype revisons from Aisler, and we couldn't be happier with their quality. Check them out!