open hardware portable music player

bd730c8 Do db updates on the bg worker

a day ago

02fcafc case: Makes the shell + shadow-line radii concentric, so we don't have a blobby/uneven wall-widths at the corners.

2 days ago

aaa949f Merge branch 'main' of git.sr.ht:~jacqueline/tangara-fw

3 days ago

852ce7b Add a back button gesture in clickwheel mode

4 days ago

5b272af Link to crowd supply

9 days ago

ab6a8e3 case: Switch to high-fidelity PCB references (sourced from kicad + manual measurements); move port locations and sizes to accomodate.

10 days ago

ab06d00 correct some npth clearances for aisler

15 days ago

e6844a6 implement play/pause

15 days ago

baa4c6d Merge branch 'main' into r7

15 days ago

7c6eb29 Migrate 'now playing' screen to lua

16 days ago

9eb5ae6 Use protected mode for lua callbacks wherever possible

18 days ago

06aca25 Add basic lua browser screen

18 days ago

cd46d7b Make lua db iterators async

19 days ago

d70ec9b Add lua functions to get database content

19 days ago

f34b640 Add 'btn' support to luavgl

19 days ago
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