Playback multimedia files from Org documents

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This package provides a new org link type for playing back multimedia files from Org documents using EMMS, The Emacs Multimedia System. If the link contains a track position, playback will start at the specified position. For example:

[[emms:/path/to/audio.mp3::2:43]]     Starts playback at 2 min 43 sec.
[[emms:/path/to/audio.mp3::1:10:45]]  Starts playback at 1 hr 10 min 45 sec.
[[emms:/path/to/audio.mp3::49]]       Starts playback at 0 min 49 sec.

The two main commands are org-emms-insert-track and org-emms-insert-track-position. The latter is especially useful for aligning text with audio when transcribing spoken language.

It is also possible to make a usual org link (with org-store-link command) from EMMS playlist and browser buffers, and then insert it into an org-mode buffer (with org-insert-link command).

#Support urls via emms-play-url (open issue from Jelle Licht)

Does it make sense to have org-emms support urls as well? I currently hacked around things to support youtube videos in emms using MPV. If you think this is out of scope for org-emms, never mind.

If you do think it makes sense, I could try to clean up my hacks using e.g. cl-defgeneric.