Listen to background noises.

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Ear Transit is a tiny tool that helps you focus and relax. Transport yourself to a cafe or summon a storm at an instant.

  • Offline: background sounds come with the download.
  • Private: no tracking or analytics.
  • Fast: loads instantly and gets out of your way.



  • Download https://github.com/c-smile/sciter-js-sdk (tested with
  • Run sciter-js-sdk/bin/quark/windows/quark-start.bat
    • Point it to build in ear-transit/bin
  • Install AutoHotkey
  • Run util/Copy Assets.ahk to move the audio files to bin/windows/x32 and bin/windows/x64
  • Compile util/Create Start Menu.ahk to Create Start Menu.exe then copy it to bin/windows/*/util
  • Upload to itch.io:
    • butler push . 'jagtalon/ear-transit:win-64'
    • butler push . 'jagtalon/ear-transit:win-32'