Describe images and generate alt tags for visually impaired users.

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27c7f51 Update install instructions

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allalt, a.k.a, "all images deserve an alt tag", is a simple CLI tool that transforms images into words. Designed to provide text-based descriptions of images for visually impaired users, it leverages the power of GPT-4V to make visual content accessible in a textual format.

allalt serves as a handy utility for web developers and content creators to generate alt text for images, enhancing web accessibility.

The tool is built to be as user-friendly as possible, with a focus on ease of use and accessibility.


#From source

First install the dependencies:

  • Go 1.21 or above.
  • make.
  • scdoc.

Switch to the latest stable tag, v0.2.0, then compile and install:

git checkout v0.2.0
sudo make install


$ allalt --help
   allalt - describe images for visually impaired users

   allalt [global options] [arguments...]


   --key value, -k value                                    the OpenAI API key to use [$ALLALT_KEY]
   --language value, -l value                               the language to use when describing images (default: "en_US") [$ALLALT_LANGUAGE]
   --context value, -c value                                the context around the image to use when describing images [$ALLALT_CONTEXT]
   --keyword value, -K value [ --keyword value, -K value ]  potential keywords relevant to the image
   --help, -h                                               show help
   --version, -v                                            print the version

See allalt(1) after installing for more information.


Anyone can help make allalt better. Send patches on the mailing list and report bugs on the issue tracker.

You must sign-off your work using git commit --signoff. Follow the Linux kernel developer's certificate of origin for more details.

All contributions are made under the GPL-2.0 license.


The following resources are available:

Released under the GPL-2.0 license.